County Memorials

Churchyard Stones

  • EC170
    Brenna stone memorial with quality carving
  • EC171
    Yellow sanstone with rounded edges and cross effect
  • EC172
    Dark grey honed stone with rounded edges and cross effect
  • EC173
    Serena memorial featuring a deeper ogee and carved dove of peace
  • EC174
    Brenna stone memorial incorporating a hand carved lily
  • EC175
    Honed black granite - gothic style with raised face
  • EC176
    Karin granite with deep sandblast carved daisies
  • EC177
    Surf grey granite with a separate vase in front of the base
  • EC178
    Abbey grey granite with dark highlighted pin line
  • EC179
    Brenna stone shallow gothiic shape with chamfers and hand carved design
  • EC180
    Yellow sandstone with natural pitched edge and margin
  • EC181
    Grey sandstone with a moulded profile around the edge
  • EC182
    Nabresina with natural pitched edges and carved rose detail
  • EC183
    Nabresina with oval top and recessed checks down the sides
  • EC184
    Nabresina with a peon top and hand carved rose and cross
  • EC185
    Nabresina with triple round top and matching base front
  • EC186
    Marble heart memorial featuring a carved design
  • EC187
    Marble with a hand carved design below an oval inscription area
  • EC188
    Marble fully worked book with carved rose and dove
  • EC189
    Marble with a hand carved panel following the multi shaped top
  • EC190
    Marble book with an angel overlooking
  • EC191
    Dove grey marble with double rebates and hand carved design
  • EC192
    Marble with hand carved roses in each corner
  • EC193
    Marble ogee top and base with a classic hand carved rose panel

Prices include all charges (except cemetery charges) and fixings, in the material and sizes described with any designs, ornaments, flower vases shown plus an inscription of approximately 50 letters

We have tried to include a wide variety of the stones we have available on our site but please remember that many of the materials, decoratons and shapes are interchangeable.
If you cant find what you are looking for we can design a stone to your own requirements. There is also a more comprehensive catalogue available.

Please feel free to contact us for prices or further details.