County Memorials

Cemetery Headstones

  • EC1
    Dense black granite with bronze praying hands decoration
  • EC2
    Warwick grey granite with a bronze ornament
  • EC3
    Dense black granite with a wild flower bouquet
  • EC4
    Blue pearl granite with optional silver praying hands
  • EC7
    Lavender blue granite with base shaped to match headstone
  • EC8
    Bahama blue granite with centre splay base
  • EC10
    Star galaxy with hand tooled rebates flowing down left edge
  • EC11
    Amadeus granite - distinctive and unusually coloured
  • EC16
    Dark grey granite with polished moulding
  • EC36
    Coffee pearl granite deep brown with a loain pin line
  • EC40
    Ruby red granite with ogee top and rounded corners
  • EC41
    Dense black granite memorial with side vase
  • EC46
    Dense black granite with hand etched Angel
  • EC47
    Dense black granite with stained glass window
  • EC48
    Dark grey granite with stained glass window
  • EC50
    Jade green granite with stained glass window
  • EC51
    Dense black granite with stained glass window
  • EC60
    Ruby red granite with bronze cross and rose
  • EC64
    Autumn brown granite with a rustic margin
  • EC66
    Ocean blue with hand carved roses
  • EC69
    Dark grey granite with natural carved roses
  • EC79
    Flint grey granite with deep carved and highlighted roses

Prices include all charges (except cemetery charges) and fixings, in the material and sizes described with any designs, ornaments, flower vases shown plus an inscription of approximately 50 letters

We have tried to include a wide variety of the stones we have available on our site but please remember that many of the materials, decoratons and shapes are interchangeable.
If you cant find what you are looking for we can design a stone to your own requirements. There is also a more comprehensive catalogue available.

Please feel free to contact us for prices or further details.